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Bully Dog Power Pup Programmer 2005-2016 Nissan Pathfinder 4.0 and 5.6

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The Nissan Titan / Nissan Armada Power Pup was designed for Nissan Titan and Nissan Armada owners looking for more power and better fuel economy. The Nissan Titan Nissan Armada Power Pup offers the user two different engine tunes above Stock to accommodate various driving conditions: Regular Tune (use with regular fuel) and Premium Tune (use with high-octane fuel). It also gives the user the capabilities to adjust rev and speed limiters, as well as read and erase diagnostic trouble codes.

The engine tuning options below describe what tunes are available throughout the Power Pup and their recommended use.

* Stock: Choosing the Stock engine tune will result in no change to engine horsepower output. All other downloader features can still be accessed if the Stock engine tune is chosen.
* Regular: This engine tune is recommended for use with 85 or 87 octane gasoline. This tune can be used for everyday driving and towing. Dynamometer testing results have shown a 10-12hp increase in rear wheel horsepower.
* Premium: This engine tune is recommended for use with 91 or 93 octane gasoline. This tune can be used for everyday driving, towing and racing. Dynamometer testing results have shown up to 23 horsepower and 49 ft.-lbs torque increase, on the premium tune, to the rear wheels.

Vehicle Applications: - 2005-2012 Nissan Pathfinder 4.0 AND 2008-2012 Nissan Pathfinder 5.6

Additional Features:
* Speed Limiter removal
* Calibrate OEM Speedometer
* Adjust Engine Timing and Idle
* Many Nissans have a governor which restricts the vehicle from utilizing 100% of the throttle until the vehicle reaches 40 miles per hour. Our Power Pup offers the ability to disable or enable the Wide Open Throttle governor. This feature is only recommended for race designated vehicles and should only be used on a sanctioned drag race or off road track.

* Works as a scan tool to read and erase Trouble Codes

Installation: Simply plug into your OBDII port and follow the on screen instructions. When you are done installing your tune, unplug the unit and enjoy!