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2010-2012 Toyota 4Runner 4.0 V6 Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum Tuner

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Finally somebody has done it... BullyDog has cracked the Toyota ECU and is able to offer tuning, gauges, and more.

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum for Toyota: Tuner - Performance Gauges - Monitor - Economy - Driving Coach - Adjustable Parameters All in one!

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT for Toyota is an all in one; adjustable tuner, gauge, safety monitor and driving coach. The Triple Dog GT Platinum for Toyota adds horsepower, torque, and economy. The Triple Dog GT Platinum offers horsepower gains of up to 20 horsepower and torque in its most aggressive setting (using 91 octane or higher fuel)! If you choose to use 87 octane fuel, you can still achieve gains of approximately 7 horsepower.

As a gauge it allows the user to monitor over several vehicle functions and parameters in real time. As a driving coach, the Triple Dog GT Platinum will give the user real time driving advice in order to maximize fuel economy. With the help of the coach, some users are reporting gains of as high as 20%*.

Triple Dog GT T+ for Toyota Features at a glance:
Driving coach software
Multiple power tunes optimized for hp / torque, or economy
read and erase check engine lights
vehicle specific tuning options***
transmission/ shift Points tuning***

There are 4 settings to the Bullydog GT Platinum for Toyota:
Stock:No horsepower / torque change. Utilize adjustable parameters and monitoring.

Towing: Towing optimization, horsepower and torque gains of approx 7.

Regular: Optimizes vehicle at standard fuel octane (87 or higher). Achieves horsepower and torque gains of approx 9.

Premium: You'll need to use 91 or higher octane fuel with this tune. Maximum performance optimization. Achieves horsepower and torque gains of up to 25.

The Part Number for this item is 40417 and it fits 2010-2012 Toyota 4Runner 4.0 V6 Models.
You'll be able to do the following with the GT T+ for Toyota by Bullydog!

Speed Limiter This option allows drivers to set limits that will keep their vehicle under a certain speed or remove the speed limiter.

Shift Points (Auto Transmission): Change the RPM level at which your automatic transmission will shift gears when the throttle is wide open.

Driving Coach: The Driving Coach is invaluable for teaching great efficient driving habits. Using momentum and minimizing your acceleration and braking will help your engine access the full mileage available in every gallon of gas that you put in your tank. The Driving Coach uses an efficiency bar to display when you are using your momentum correctly and using a grading system, will develop habits that will benefit your fuel economy. You have the option to use an alert system for when your driving becomes inefficient but of course you can choose to turn off these alerts in the GT T + menu.

Display: The GT display is the key to a successful tune. With over fifteen vehicle parameters that can be monitored and displayed, you can watch your engines performance and keep tabs on all the measurements you care about. With one screen displaying 4 gauges at one time, and easy navigation, you will see the difference our tuner can make for your engine from a second to second basis. Multiple display options let you change between gauges and a full color display let you customize your screen to your preference.

Day and Night Mode: This feature offers two modes for your GT T+ display. If switching between day and night modes doesn't happen automatically, simply push the bottom button just to the right of the display screen and your background will go turn black, which dims your GT for minimal distraction for night time driving. Pushing the top button to the right of the display screen will make your display go back to a brighter daytime mode.

DTC's: Codes used by vehicle manufacturers to identify problems; this information is gathered by the engine computer and accessible through the vehicle's diagnostic port (OBDII).

Data Logging: Want to record what your engine performance is doing over a period of time? Use the data logging feature to download results from a drive logged for later use. If you want to record engine performance over a period of time, use this feature.

Performance Testing: Someday, you may get the chance to drive where there are no posted speeds. Take your Bully Dog GT T+ with you, because it's a racing man's best friend. Our GT T+ can give drivers a quarter-mile time and a 0-60 time so you can post a personal best. It comes with a drag tree on display so you can really feel what it's like to unleash your engine.

Safety Warnings
Pyro Warning: Your pyro warning will sound when your pyro temperatures become too hot. This can be set up in your GT T+ menu.

Coolant Temperature: If your car begins to overheat, you will be the first to know with the use of this warning. This will notify when your coolant temperatures are getting too hot. This is customizable in the GT T+ menu.

Transmission Temperature: This gauge option shows the transmission temperature.

Special Features

Display and Lighting

Display Ex On: This changes the brightness when dimming the indicator light of the combination meter, A/C indicator light and clock.

Foot Light: This sets the time the Outer Foot Light is on.

Interior Lighting: This will turn the interior light on when the ignition switch is turned from "ACC" to "LOCK". This will also turn on the interior light, ignition light and step light on when the door is unlocked by the door key cylinder.

Light Sensitivity: This adjusts the sensitivity of the lights

Light Auto OFF: This will light the headlight for a time after the doors are closed with the ignition switch turned ON and the light control switch is at HEAD or AUTO and the headlight is ON.

Light Time On This function changes the time between when the doors are closed and the lights go off when the light control switch is at HEAD or AUTO, and the headlight is on.

Door Lock Functions
Auto Lock: Doors on the vehicle lock automatically after the vehicle reaches a certain speed.

Auto Lock on Shift: This locks the door when the lever shifts out of the P range.

Auto Unlock on Shift: This unlocks the door when the lever is shifted into the P range with the ignition ON.

Unlock All Doors on Shift: This unlocks every door but the driver door when the driver door is opened after the ignition is switched off after a certain time.

Key Cylinder Functions
Power Windows: This makes the driver window (and all windows, depending on vehicle grade) and sunroof close if the driver window control is held closed. If the driver door window control is held open, the driver's door window (and all the windows, depending on vehicle grade) and the sunroof will open.

2 Turns Open All Doors: This unlocks only the driver door when the key UNLOCK button is pushed twice. When this setting is switched OFF, the key UNLOCK button will unlock all the doors.

Sunroof Operation: This will open the sliding roof if the door switch is held to UNLOCK and the ignition switch is OFF. This will also close the sliding roof if the door switch is held to LOCK and the ignition switch is OFF.

Sunroof Action:This selects the opening direction of the sliding roof when holding the driver side door key unlocked for a certain time when the ignition switch is OFF.

Key Fob Functions
Wireless Control: This is used to turn the wireless door lock ON or OFF.

Horn Chirp on Lock: This turns the wireless buzzer response function ON or OFF.

Open Door Warning: If a door is open when vehicle is being locked by the wireless door lock, a buzzer will sound.

Panic Function: The "ON" setting will enable the Theft Deterrent System by pressing and holding the Panic Button. Use the Lock Button if the Panic Button is unavailable.

Wireless Auto Lock: This automatically locks doors after they are unlocked with the wireless key.

Auto Lock Time: This will change the amount of time from unlocking the door(s) with the wireless key to re-locking them automatically.

Optical Flash on Lock: This is used to turn ON or OFF the hazard answer back of the wireless door lock.

Unlock Driver Door: Use the GT to disable this feature so all of your vehicle doors will unlock with one press of the button on a remote door lock unit.

Power Back Door

Wireless PBD Operation: This function changes the operation of the PBD by transmitter.

PBD Buzzer: This function will adjust the volume of the buzzer while the PBD operates.

Entry Delay: This will change the Entry Delay Time, or the period before starting the warning, by the Passive Mode.

Passive Mode: This will set the Theft Deterrent System in 30 seconds after the Driver door is closed and the Key is removed from the Ignition Key Cylinder.

Warning Broken Glass: This will turn the Glass Break Sensor ON or OFF.

Warn by Horn: This turns the glass break sensor ON or OFF. It is only functional when the vehicle has a glass break sensor.


Key Reminder Sound: This function changes the times at which the key reminder buzzer will continue to sound.

Key Reminder Volume This changes the volume of the key reminder buzzer.

Seat Belt Chime: This changes the seat belt reminder chime.