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Aluminum Contractors Racks by Husky

Aluminum Contractors Racks by HuskyAluminum Contractors Rack by Husky add both style and function to your truck. Contractors racks protect your rear window from being broken while hauling with your truck. The tough aluminum outer perimeter keeps larger items from making contact with the rear window, while the vented louvers / slats provide protection against smaller dangerous objects. The vented louvers / slats also help shade the interior of the truck while still providing visibility. The vertical uprights are perfect for when you're carrying pipes, lumber, or other long cargo.

Aluminum Contractors Racks by Husky are lightweight and built to last. They are made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum that won't rust, corrode, or chip.

Installing the Aluminum Contractors Rack by Husky will require some minor drilling. Don't worry though, Husky's excellent instructions make this installation fast and easy.