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Heatshield Products Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap 2000 Degree

Heatshield Products Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap 2000 DegreeCobra Skin is the newest choice for your heat shielding needs. Cobra Skin not only has a sleek look similar to carbon fiber, but features a special weave making it easier to wrap around bends in headers and exhaust pipes. This is what differentiates Cobra Skin from our other exhaust wraps. Exhaust wraps help to retain heat in your exhaust system, which increases horsepower while reducing radiant heat damage. By wrapping the header and exhaust system it maintains hotter exhaust gases, decreases the density, and allows the exhaust gas to exit the system faster! Greater exhaust scavenging is produced and lowers intake temperatures: that equals more horsepower. Exhaust wrap can be fastened with Thermal-Tie, hose clamps, or wire.


*1200 degrees F continuous; 2000 degrees F intermittent
*Increases horsepower
*Reduces under hood temperatures
*Protects other engine components
*All rolls 1/16" thick