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Firestorm LED Tailgate Light Bar 36" by Plasmaglow

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The all new Firestorm LED Truck Tailgate Strip is the perfect addition to your truck, suv or trailer. Firestorm LED Tailgate Light Bar Features Digitally Controlled Amber LEDs for Turn Signals, Red LEDs for Brake Lights, and White LEDs for Reverse Lights.

Optional Trailer Plug Adapter: If you do not purchase the Trailer Plug Adapter, "hard wiring" is required for the Firestorm LED Tailgate Light Bar. In other words, you will need to locate the proper wires for your brake light, turn signals, and power and tap into them to connect your Firestorm Bar.

There is No Drilling Required to install the Firestorm bar. 3M self adhesive included for mounting. Fits all trucks, 36" Width.
Plasmaglow Firestorm Tailgate Bar Instructions:

Please note that if you purchase the optional trailer plug adapter, you will not need to do the "hard wiring" that is indicated below.

STEP 1: Clean the area between your tailgate and bumper thoroughly with warm soap and water. The adhesive on the mounting pads of your LED Tailgate Bar will only work once, so the installation area must be free of dust, dirt, and rust, and must be COMPLETELY DRY before installation.

STEP 2: Measure the width of your tailgate and determine the midpoint of this distance by dividing the length by 2. Mark this midpoint, then measure on either side of this mark, and mark the two new points as well to determine the left to right orientation of the LED Tailgate Bar to insure that it is centered.

STEP 3: The bar is oriented properly on the truck if the wires are coming out of the left side and LEDs are pointing straight out the back. Peel the backing off all of the adhesive pads on the back of the Tailgate Bar and press it very gently onto the vehicle between the marks from Step 2. Step back from the vehicle and make sure the bar is mounted straight. Detach and reapply the pads if necessary to correct the placement.

STEP 4: Once the Tailgate Bar is attached, you will need to hard wire the Tailgate Bar into your truck. DO NOT USE TRAILER HARNESS WIRING! The following colors should be wired into the corresponding wires on your vehicle:

If your Truck has 1 bulb in the tail light that works for both brakes and turn signals, you will need to wire the FireStorm to the turn signals on the front of the truck, and the third (high-mount) brake light in order for the scanning function to work properly with both turn signals and brakes.

You can wire the FireStorm to use either Running Lights or Brake Lights with the Red LEDs. If you prefer the red LEDs to be on all the time with your running lights, splice it into the running light wire instead of the brake light wire.
BLACK Connect to any Ground Wire or the Terminal on your Battery.
RED Connect to a Constant 12V+ Signal or the + Terminal on your Battery
GREEN Splice in with the Positive Lead going to your Brake Light
YELLOW Splice in with the Positive Lead going to your Left Turn Signal
BLUE Splice in with the Positive Lead going to your Right Turn Signal
WHITE Splice in with the Positive Lead going to your Reverse Lights