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K&N Blackhawk Air Intake Systems

K&N Blackhawk Air Intake SystemsBuilt for performance and show, K&N BlackHawk Air Intake Systems offer the best in both show and performance. Featuring a powder coated black free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tube induction system, as well as a black performance high flow dry air filter, the K&N Blackhawk Air Intake Kit virtually eliminates air path restriction. The aerodynamically engineered intake tube drives a massive amount of air into an engine, which translates into POWER.

K&N Blackhawk Intake kits are truly state-of-the-art. K&N starts with the largest conical shaped high-flow air filter they can fit into the engine compartment while using factory holes and mounting points. This extra filter size provides even more airflow at lower restriction than a standard K&N O/E replacement filter that is limited to the size of the factory air box. The oversized air filter also captures and holds more dirt increasing the service life before a cleaning is required (up to 100,000 miles).

Put all this together and you have the best high-flow intake system available today.