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Plasmaglow Night Raider - 15" Scanning LED Bar

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With the Plasmaglow Night Raider 15" LED scanning bar, the possibilities are endless. The Night Raider Scanning Bar features 30 leds and a scanning pattern just like "Kit" on the hit TV show Night Rider. We have seen the Night Raider scanning bar put into hood scoops, mounted on automobile dashboards, affixed to side steps, put behind vehicle grilles, used as a third brake light, etc. We're coming up with new uses for the Night Raider all the time!

One of the coolest things about the Night Raider scanner is that Plasmaglow set it up so it can be powered by batteries if you don't want to hard wire it. While most people choose to hard wire them to the vehicle's 12 volt system, Plasmaglow gives you the choice.

We've all seen the hit show Night Rider, bring a touch of ' Kit ' to your own vehicle!

Some people also refer to this item as the Knight Raider Scanner or the Knight Rider Scanner

Colors: Blue 10410 Red 10411 Green 10412 Purple 10414 White 10415 Orange 10418
Night Raider Scanner Frequently asked questions:

How long is the Night Raider Scanner? The Night Raider Scanner is 15" from end to end.

Can I change the pattern it runs? No, the Night Raider Scanner only has the one pre programmed patern and it cannot be changed.

Can I hook the Night Raider Scanner to my Alarm system? Yes! The Night Raider scanner has an interface wire that can be hooked to your alarm system!

Can the Night Raider Scanner be used as a third brake light? Yes! Simply tap the power wire into one of your brake lights and whenever the brakes are applied the Night Raider Scanner will automatically come on and immediately turn off when you take your foot off the brake!