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Getting to Know the Diablosport Trinity

Getting to Know the Diablosport TrinityFor you tuners out there who are already familiar with the Bully Dog PMT unit, Diablosport is finally releasing their much anticipated answer: Diablosport Trinity. We strongly recommend getting your orders in now, as Diablosport is going to be backordered for awhile while these are new.

Let's be honest, the Bully Dog PMT is a fantastic unit, and we sell lots of them. So why should you be interested in the Diablosport Trinity? First off, if you have a Dodge gas powered Hemi vehicle, the PMT doesn't support your application, but Diablosport Trinity does, and it is showing astounding gains! We have posted a quick write up on the Trinity tuner below. Give our tech support a ring if you want more information!

The Diablosport Trinity is your all in one Performance Management Unit. The Diablosport Trinity is a Performance Tuner, Vehicle Monitor / Watchdog, as well as a diagnostic tool. The DiabloSport Trinity our all new performance programmer has the attributes you have been looking for in a revolutionary three in one heads up dashboard display. The Diablosport Trinity contains all of the great features you have come to expect from DiabloSport - a flash programmer, advanced diagnostics and a high resolution dashboard monitor combine performance, critical vehicle information and a clear understanding of what this information means.

The DiabloSport Trinity allows you the choice between multiple power or octane level calibrations - with complete end user adjustability. There are also tons of user customizable parameters, allowing you to adjust everything from shift pressure to the cooling fan temps to the parameters you want. The unit is plug and play, but if you want to get more advanced, multiple custom tunes are easily loaded through a high speed USB port, or an SD card. Trinity diagnostics can read and erase fault codes, incorporates real time data monitoring with advanced logging capabilities for delivery of data output to your PC, or SD card. Trinity the dash monitor comes equipped with a high resolution 320x240 dpi full color display to further enhance your displayed graphs, gauges, or PID data and will support multiple additional analog or digital devices.

Diablosport Trinity Features at a Glance:
* Add horsepower, torque, and fuel economy with pre-loaded Diablosport tunes or accepts up to 5 additional custom tunes. Gain up to 120HP and 210 lbs. of Torque across all models!
* 2 channel analog input for connecting external sensors such as EGT and Wideband.
* Supports communication protocols from leading sensor manufactures such as Innovate, PLX, Zetronix and more.
* SD card slot for increased memory capacity.
* High speed USB connectivity.
* Checks and clears diagnostic trouble codes.
* Dedicated output for controlling the DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck’s Power Levels on the fly.
* A large bank of end-user adjustable parameters
* Complete vehicle monitor. View dozens of gauges at once!
* Virtual Drag Tree functions include 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times and more!
* 320x240 High Resolution Color Touch Screen!
* High Speed Data logging! 100MB of on board memory.
* Ships with suction cup mount (optional 2/16th Gauge Pod mount for sale).