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- Race into Summer!
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BOLT Lock" title="BOLT LockBOLT Locks are a step above other locks. BOLT Series Locks are designed to work with your existing vehicle key. Inside every BOLT Lock is an automotive grade lock cylinder waiting to be mated to your existing vehicle key. The first time you insert your car or truck key into your new BOLT Series Lock, special spring loaded plate tumblers match to your existing vehicle key. Your BOLT Lock now will only open with your existing vehicle key. No more extra keys to lose or bulking up your key ring!

BOLT has put this technology into an entire series of high end BOLT Series locks. They include Bolt Series Padlocks, Bolt Series Receiver Locks, Bolt Series Cable Locks, and even Bolt Series Spare Tire Locks.

To get your new BOLT Lock, click on a link below to get started!