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Methanol Injection

Methanol Injection What are some of the key benefits to using Water/Methanol injection?
1. Greatly reduced EGTs - Decreases of 250 degrees F are common using a 50/50 water/methanol mix. Increased EGTs are an engine killer in today's performance diesel world.
2. Low cost power - Where else can you get 70-100 HP for as low as the prices these kits run?
3. Greatly increased air charge densities - 3-5 psi boost increases are common with liquid intercooling.
4. Decreased emissions - increased combustion efficiency means less particulate matter and NOX emissions.
5. Fuel economy increase - increase your fuel economy up to 10%-15% (1-3 mpg).
5. Great for towing - more power/cooler EGT's to haul the heaviest loads.
6. Raises effective octane of your fuel to as high as 115 octane- You'll be able to boost that turbo or supercharger much higher.
7. Designed specifically for your vehicle to ensure the best performance and fit.
8. Safe to use and easy to install.