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Thermo-Tec Heat Shielding and Heat Control Products

Thermo-Tec Heat Shielding and Heat Control Products" title="Thermo-Tec Heat Shielding and Heat Control ProductsAny racer knows that heat can be your worst enemy. Not only is this true in automotive applications, but this is even more critical for motorcycle racers. That is why Thermo-Tec heat shielding and heat control products have been so popular for motorcycle heat shielding. For over 20 years, Thermo-Tec has been supplying the market with heat shielding and exhaust insulating products. Whether you need a motorcycle heat shield, an automotive heat shield, or a custom heat shield, Thermo-Tec probably has exactly what you’re looking for!

Thermo-Tec offers everything from traditional race-proven exhaust insulating wrap, to high intensity race-inspired heat wraps and header wraps that can continuously withstand temperatures higher than 2000 degrees! Wrapping up your exhaust with heat shielding products not only reduces heat and the problems that come with excessive heat, but also increases horsepower by improving exhaust flow as a result of the reduced heat. Thermo-Tec also offers high heat coatings, battery heat shields, thermotec sleeving, starter heat shields, spark plug wire heat shields, and trim to fit heat shielding tape. Look to Thermo-Tec and New Level Motorsports for all of your heat shielding and heat control needs!