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Go Shade

Go Shade" title="Go ShadeGo Shade is the perfect addition to your UTV! Go Shade is an expandable sun shade that mounts to your UTV cage for fast and easy shade at a moments notice. When not encased in the included black storage bag, simply expand the Go Shade for instant relief from the unrelenting sun.

When fully extended, Go Shade Sun Shade expands to an impressive (approx.) 5 feet deep and 10 feet wide.

Go Shade mounts in minutes to any cage between 1.5" and 2". The entire setup weighs less than 5lbs and is made from durable athletic micro mesh. The mechanism is light weight, featuring aluminum and fiberglass construction. The storage bag (black only) is made from durable Sunbrella material.

This kit contains everything you need to install your new Go Shade: Go shade, shade mechanism, two cage mounting brackets and a black travel bag. The shade comes completely assembled and only requires you to mount the two brackets to complete the installation. Installation and use instructions are also included.