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Bak Industries Tonneau Covers

Bak Industries Tonneau Covers" title="Bak Industries Tonneau CoversWe know how much you love your truck—and that’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Bak Industries is a premier manufacturer of tuck bed covers and tonneau covers. Bak Industries is best known for their hard folding tonneau covers, such as the BakFlip G2, BakFlip HD, and the BakFlip F1. Bak Industries tonneau covers also offer a feature than many other hard truck bed covers don’t offer: you can still access the entire truck bed. When you choose Bak Industries tonneau covers from New Level Motor Sports, you’re choosing the best bed covers for your truck.

By closing off the truck bed, tonneau covers increase your truck’s aerodynamics by reducing the drag that occurs when air moves over the cab of the truck and down into the bed. Increased aerodynamics translate into better fuel efficiency. Additionally, Bak Industries tonneau covers protect your cargo perfectly. Make the right choice for your truck: choose Bak Industries tonneau covers from New Level Motor Sports.