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BedSlide Truck Bed Slides / Sliding Cargo Drawers

BedSlide Truck Bed Slides / Sliding Cargo Drawers" title="BedSlide Truck Bed Slides / Sliding Cargo DrawersBedSlide Truck Bed Slides and Slide Out Cargo Platforms make loading and unloading your truck extremely easy. The BedSlide Truck Bed Slide is a slide out cargo platform that turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer that can easily handle even the heaviest of loads.

With your BedSlide Sliding Truck Bed Drawer / Cargo Slide, you'll be placing your cargo on a USA Made rubberized skid-proof deck with 4" perimeter side rails that keeps things in their place. The full width grab rail/bar makes pulling out or pushing back in your BedSlide fast and easy. There are multiple locking positions to add extra convenience and safety, as well as 4 adjustable tie down cleats to anchor your loads as desired.

The BedSlide Classic is the most economical BedSlide and is rated at up to 1000 lbs. The next step up is the BedSlide Contractor series, which is rated up to 1500 lbs, and the top rated BedSlides in terms of weight capacity are the BedSlide Heavy Duty and BedSlide Max models, both rated up to 2000 lbs.

BedSlide Truck Bed Slides / Sliding Cargo Drawers come mostly assembled for a quick and easy installation. Due to their strength, BedSlides are heavy, so if you're installing a new BedSlide yourself, you'll probably want to invite a friend to help.