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Weigh Safe Hitches

Weigh Safe Hitches" title="Weigh Safe HitchesThe Weigh Safe Hitch, invented by mechanical engineer and hydraulic expert Kevin McAllister, is Weigh Safe's flagship product. The Weigh Safe Hitch is a trailer hitch ball that incorporates a built-in tongue-weight gauge. Activated by a plunger on the ball mount that is pressed when the trailer tongue is connected, the plunger forces hydraulic fluid through a small channel inside the shank activating the scale. Weigh Safe Trailer Hitches are made of the finest materials and are warrantied for as long as you own them.

Weigh Safe also offers a turnover hitch known as the 180 Turnover Ball Hitch that is one of the most versatile and highest quality reversible drop hitches available on the market today. The Weigh Safe 180 Turnover Hitch has quickly become a hit due to its low price and high quality.

All Weigh Safe Trailer Hitches are made in the USA.