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PaceSetter Performance Headers and Exhaust

PaceSetter Performance Headers and Exhaust" title="PaceSetter Performance Headers and ExhaustPacesetter Exhaust is one of the best-known brands of performance exhaust systems and headers for sports and sport compact cars from Acura to Cavalier to Civic to Nissan to Triumph to Z-car and everything in between. Pacesetter headers and Pacesetter exhausts feature more applications than any other manufacturer! Pacesetter headers and exhausts are also often available for those hard to find applications!

Pacesetter exhausts are known for featuring all-aluminized, mandrel bent larger-than-stock tubing and fully-welded high performance mufflers. Show-quality MONZA Premium Exhaust Tips are included on all Pacesetter exhaust systems.

Pacesetter Headers feature a complete line of headers for sport compact cars. Pacesetter headers feature mandrel-bent tubing and thick steel flanges. Pacesetter headers come in a painted black finish. Pacesetter headers are also available with Armor Coat, a 2000 metallic-ceramic coating that protects against heat and rust, making your Pacesetter Header look nicer and last longer.