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Injen Parners with AMSOIL to Offer NEW DRY FILTERS for all Injen Air Intake Systems!

Injen Parners with AMSOIL to Offer NEW DRY FILTERS for all Injen Air Intake Systems!People have been asking about dry filters for their air intake systems for years. Injen finally has a solution for people looking for a dry filter option for their Injen Air Intake System!

Injen teamed up with AMSOIL, one of the most respected names in the air filter marketplace, to design a filter that was of the quality of efficiency that Injen customers expect and deserve.

The filters are in stock for immediate shipment and start at $56.99

Injen now offers air filters made in conjunction with AMSOIL designed to replace or upgrade the filter that came with your Injen Air Intake. AMSOIL Ea Air Induction Filters offer better efficiency, excellent airflow and are cleanable. Best of all, the Injen/AMSOIL Filter is DRY, meaning NO MORE OILING!

The Injen/AMSOIL Replacement filter filters over 99% of all dirt/dust particles (a standard oiled filter is about 98% efficient). You can also clean the Injen/AMSOIL air filter with a shop vac, meaning you won't be spending your hard earned money on oil and cleaning kits any more!

If you already have an Injen Intake system and want to use one of these filters, all you have to do is pull off the old filter and replace it with the Injen/AMSOIL filter. There are no additional modifications required.

The Injen/AMSOIL air intake filters can also be used with any other brand of intake that you want to bring our quality filtration to.