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AMP Research Tailgate Extenders: Max Out your Truck

Here at New Level Motor Sports, we strive to bring you the latest and greatest accessories to help you get the most out of your truck. Every item in our selection of tailgate extenders is designed with your needs in mind. The AMP Research Bed X-Tender lets you haul more than you thought possible. If youíre considering updating your truck with one of our tailgate extenders, you should really think about the AMP Research Bed X-Tender. It has all the features youíre looking for!

Amp Bed X-Tender: One of our best tailgate extenders
The Moto X-Tender maximizes your truckís hauling capacity. Its slant-back design gives compact, short-bed pickup trucks the extra length they need to haul more. Whether you need to haul a motorcycle, ATV, or even some hay bales, youíll be able to do it with one of these tailgate extenders. The Bed X-Tender is there for you when you need it. Flip these tailgate extenders out to gain an extra two feet of enclosed truck bed length.

These tailgate extenders are also extremely easy to flip forward when you donít need it. In fact, a Bed X-Tender actually performs double-duty for your truck. It extends the bed when youíre hauling larger cargo, and it creates a safe enclosed area within the truck bed when itís flipped over. You can store tools, supplies, camping gear, or shopping bags in the unique truck bed enclosure. What more could you want from your tailgate extenders?

These tailgate extenders are sure to impress you no matter what you have to haul. The Moto X-Tender technology includes lightweight and super strong 6063 T6 aluminum alloy tubes and glass-reinforced nylon composite uprights. Like we said before, these tailgate extenders can instantly add two feet of length to your truck bed. Easy to install and easy to remove, you simply canít go wrong with a Moto X-Tender.

Backed by a three year/36,000 mile warranty, these tailgate extenders from New Level Motor Sports are sure to make hauling your cargo a breeze.