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Bed X-Tender Flipping Truck Bed Extender by AMP Research

Bed X-Tender Flipping Truck Bed Extender by AMP Research" title="Bed X-Tender Flipping Truck Bed Extender by AMP ResearchThe Bed X-Tender Flipping Bed Extender by Amp Research is probably the most useful accessory you'll by for your truck. Chances are you've seen one on a friend or co-workers truck. The Bed X-Tender instantly adds 2 feet of usable length to your truck bed. When you don't need the extra length, the Bed X-Tender effortlessly flips forward into the bed of the truck giving you a protected area to put groceries, tools, or anything else you don't want sliding around in the rest of the truck bed. Attached nylon straps hold the bed extender down when "flipped out".

This flipping truck bed extender takes about twenrty minutes to install and you'll need to drill a couple of simple holes for the brackets that the Bed X-Tender hooks into. The installation is not complicated and most people without automotive knowledge can successfully complete the installation. You can click on the "Video Demo" above to see more information on this fairly simple installation.

The Bed X-Tender HD is available in your choice of a powder coated Silver or Black that is built to withstand the toughest elements. Crafted in the USA and backed by a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty, it's incredibly light weight, yet strong enough for the average person to sit on. Order today and we will include the strap/install kit specific to your truck at no extra charge! Your new Flipping Bed Extender will come with everything all parts needed to install it on your truck.