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Cat Armor Cataltyic Converter Heat Shields by Heatshield Products

Cat Armor Cataltyic Converter Heat Shields by Heatshield ProductsStop up to 70% of radiant heat from cat.
Works on both OEM and aftermarket cataltyic converters.
Keeps interior floorboards cooler.

HP Cat Armor is a fast and effective way to reduce heat issues coming from your catalytic converter. Heatshield Products catalytic converter heat shields stops up to 70% of heat and work on both OEM and aftermarket converters. Cat Armor uses a proprietary BioCool thermal insulation material to withstand 1800 degrees f of continuous heat and up to 2200 degrees f intermittent heat , which helps reduce radiant heat from catalytic converters by up to 70 percent. HP Cat Heat Shield Armor installs easily and securely using the included stainless steel locking Thermal-Ties or HP Power Anchor depending on which kit you order.

HP Armor catalytic converter heat shields are both water and chemical resistant for increased durability and longevity. The outer aluminum shell makes this heat shield outlast many cheaper alternatives that quickly fail.