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DC Sports Headers for Acura

DC Sports Headers for AcuraDC Sports Headers are known worldwide for their quality, fitment, and function. DC Sports has several 50-state legal header designs to choose from. These include a race-inspired 4-into-1 design that optimizes mid to top end power, a lightweight, one piece 4-2-1 design that provides maximum ground clearance and emphasizes low to mid range power for street/drag applications, a two piece 4-2-1 design for easy installation and unmatched low to mid range power, and a 3-into-1 design for V6 applications. DC Sports is also proud to offer Race-Only¯ headers in 4-into-1 and 4-2-1 designs (not C.A.R.B. exempt) for off-road or racing applications.

About DC Sports Polished Stainless Steel Headers DC Sports headers are made of 100% T-304-stainless steel, including the flanges, eliminating any chance of rust. Our DC Sports polished stainless-steel headers feature hand TIG welds at the flanges, and our brushed stainless-steel headers feature machine MIG welds at the flanges that foster a tooled, custom-fabricated look.

About DC Sports Ceramic HeadersDC Sports Ceramic Header Systems feature mild steel with a proprietary temperature- and corrosion-resistant ceramic coating. Once our DC Sports mild-steel systems are completed in manufacturing, they are then subjected to a thermal degrease and a preliminary sandblast to prepare the surface for coating adhesion. Every DC Sports ceramic coated header system is hand-painted to ensure an even application of coating. After verifying the proper thickness of the coating, the header is cured for proper bonding of the ceramic coating and then fine-blasted for a high-luster finish that is show quality.

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