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DC Sports Headers: Free Up Some Power

At NewLevelMotorSports.com, we’re into cars and trucks – just like you. We know that you value your car as a work of art as well as a powerful performance machine. A vehicle is not just a thing that can take you from place to place, it is a machine that inspires and impresses anyone it passes. But if you want for your vehicle to be seen (and felt) as a well-oiled, maximum efficiency, beautiful machine, there are several steps you can take to accomplish this goal. Some of those steps involve making your vehicle more aerodynamic, while others are more targeted at getting your engine to utilize its maximum efficiency. One way you can help your engine perform at its best is through the use of DC Sports headers, which you can find in our online store.

What are DC Sports Headers?

DC Sports headers are some of the best in the business. These accessories are made of 100% T-304 stainless steel which includes the flanges, so that there’s a reduced risk of rusting. DC Sports headers also are constructed with machine MIG welds at the flanges that promote an extremely custom look, which is always important when you want to make your vehicle stand out from a crowd. There are a number of different designs available on our website for a lot of different makes and models, so make sure to find the header that applies to specifically you for the best look, fit, and feel.

What Do DC Sports Headers Actually Do?

During the engine burning process, gases created from combustion must be expelled through the exhaust system. This is part of the power requirement of the engine – it’s called the exhaust stroke. When the exhaust stroke can't happen efficiency, power is lost. The main way in which power is lost is through back pressure. Back pressure occurs when a piston can't push all of the exhaust fumes out through the exhaust system because it doesn't have enough force. One way a car attempts to correct this problem is through a duel exhaust system so that there is literally more space for the exhaust fumes to go.

Now, an exhaust header actually attaches to the exhaust manifold, which is a device where the fumes are actually vented. The header itself has enough pipes that have been cut and bent to an equal length so that it can attach to each of the cylinders involved with the exhaust manifold. The number can vary between make and model, so it’s important to choose the right set of headers for your specific vehicle. Since each cylinder now has its own exhaust vent, that is the same length of each of the other cylinders, exhaust is vented evenly which means no back pressure…and no loss of power.

Free up some of the power to your engine by using DC Sports headers from our selection.