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Driving on the Ice: Tips and Tricks

When your car is all tricked out with performance parts from New Level Motor Sports, you want to ensure that you stay as safe as possible. After all, when you invest in your vehicle, you want to protect that investment. We’re in the thick of winter in many parts of the country, so it only makes sense to give you a few tips for driving in different types of winter weather. We’ve already talked about keeping your car safe in the snow, now we’re going to talk about driving on black ice.

Winter driving isn’t just about dealing with snow; ice on the road can be a real threat. Black ice, in particular, is dangerous because it’s invisible (the term “black ice” is actually somewhat of a misnomer, as the ice is transparent). However, you can protect yourself by understanding and knowing how to deal with this winter issue.

Black ice usually forms just about the freezing point. Sometimes in frigid weather conditions on highways, black ice will form due to the heat of tires on the road coupled with the freezing temperature. Keep an eye on the weather and highway reports. This is just one of the ways that you can keep your vehicle safe in the winter.

As with many things in life, practice makes perfect. If possible, with a seasoned winter driver, practice driving on ice in a safe surrounding. Find a nice, large, empty parking lot with ice on it. Drive on the ice. Practice braking on the ice. Understand how your car feels and handles in these conditions. Know what ABS braking feels like if you have it. Practicing this under controlled conditions is a great way to understand how your vehicle works in these conditions.

When you put time and energy into your vehicle with parts from New Level Motor Sports, you want to keep your vehicle as safe as possible.