-Race Into Summer!-
- Race into Summer!
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We've been at this a long time and we know you don't just want the best service, you also want a good deal. We work directly with the manufacturers of most products that we carry, cutting out middle men. We do this to provide you with the fastest and most comprehensive service, better stock availability, and the technical expertise you deserve. Our prices are extremely competitive and you shouldn't be able to find a better out the door price.

Our Price Matching Policy: We guarantee the best out the door price on your purchase. If you find a lower price at another retailer, in most cases we will match or beat that price.

Any price matching will be at the discretion of New Level management and the requirements are as follows:

Comparisons will be made on "out the door" prices, which is what the total amount you would pay would be either at New Level, or at the other retailer. For example, if we were selling an item for $100 with free shipping, and another company was selling the same item for $95 and $10 shipping ($105 total), the item would not be eligible for a price match.

Comparisons are made on identical part numbers only and must be done at or before the time of purchase. The competing offer must come from an authorized dealer who has the item in stock.

We cannot in any case waive sales tax if you are in California because that would be a violation of state law.

If you have any questions, or think you've found a better deal somewhere else, we want to know about it. To inquire about a price match, call us at 866-639-5385, live chat with us, or email us at