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Electric Running Boards: Then and Now

Electric running boards are the successor of more traditional stationary running boards. Typically seen on vintage car models, running boards functioned as an accessory to improve the aesthetic value of the vehicle. In many cases, they were also a necessary addition to the vehicle’s structure. These days, electric running boards are being used quite often. The running boards of the past have been modernized into the AMP Research electric running boards you can find at New Level Motor Sports today.

In the early days, running boards were permanent fixtures on vehicles—even if they were never used. In many cases, early running boards ended up being a nuisance rather than attractive add-ons. With modern electric running boards, they’re there when you need them, and they disappear when you don’t. It’s never been easier to get in and out of your truck. These electric running boards are both attractive and extremely useful. AMP Research running boards are conveniently operated—there’s no control manual or button required. They deploy when you open the door, and retract when you shut it.

Electric running boards are worth the wait
In the past, people used running boards because they needed a boost getting in and out of their vehicles. This fact hasn’t changed. But the technology behind electric running boards has made this addition so much more convenient. Installing the electric running boards will take about three hours—and you’ll need to do some drilling and wiring. When you purchase our electric running boards, you’ll also receive complete step by step instructions. If you still feel like you need a little help installing your AMP Research electric running boards, you’ll surely be able to find a truck customizing shop that can complete the process for you.

Electric running boards are more than just accessories—they’re an essential feature that can give added value to your vehicle. Choose your AMP Research electric running boards from New Level Motor Sports today.