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- Race into Summer!
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Exhaust and Header Wraps

Exhaust and Header Wraps" title="Exhaust and Header WrapsExhaust wraps help retain heat in your exhaust system, and that increases horsepower while reducing radiant heat damage. Exhaust and header wraps help to maintain hotter exhaust gases, decrease the density, and allow the exhaust gas to exit the system faster. Greater exhaust scavenging and lower intake temperatures help your vehicle produce more horsepower. When youíre looking to get an extra push out of your vehicle, keep the exhaust wraps and header wraps at New Level Motorsports in mind.

We have the Thermo-Tec and Heatshield products you need to make your vehicle run the way you want it to run. Take the time to browse through our selection of header and exhaust tape, header blankets, and other exhaust and header products. Youíre sure to find the solution thatís right for you and your vehicle right here at New Level Motorsports.