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Extang Tonneau Covers: Protect Your Truck

There are many advantages to owning a truck over an SUV or sedan. Trucks give you more horsepower, which allows you to pull or tow with ease. More horsepower also gives you the option to use your truck for tasks such as plowing snow, pulling/operating farm equipment, or carrying heavy objects. In addition, trucks also give you the ability to move yourself (or other objects) from point A to point B without stress or strain. To put it simply, trucks are powerful. Whether you are moving from an apartment into a house, making a delivery, or you just bought a large item from a store and you need a way to get it home, trucks certainly help make life easy.

Have you ever wanted to protect your truck and increase its visual appeal while upping the gas mileage—all in one fell swoop? If so, you'll want to check out Extang Tonneau covers, an essential truck accessory in our selection.

What are Extang Tonneau Covers?

Extang Tonneau covers are an excellent truck accessory. Have you ever wanted to transport items on a rainy day but you were afraid of getting your shipment wet? Extang Tonneau bed covers are the perfect way to keep your items high and dry. Or maybe you just purchased a new big screen HD television set for your family room. You want to take it home in the bed of the truck, but you also planned on running some other errands. Extang Tonneau covers would help keep your TV safe from the eyes and hands of people who, well, don’t exactly have the best intentions. Or what if you need to make a timely delivery, but overnight, a storm system dumped eight inches of snow over your area? Do you really want to stand in the bed of the truck shoveling out snow, when you can just easily push it off the cover? These covers really do help make life with your truck easy.

Not only do our covers help with all the tasks we’ve described above, but they also add a degree of style to your ride. A truck looks nice when it is rolls down the road looking uniform and aerodynamic. These covers are just the touch you need to get that look and feel. Speaking of being aerodynamic, it is documented that bed covers actually help your truck fight wind resistance, which increases your fuel efficiency. These covers will actually pay for themselves at the pump.

When you search NewLevelMotorSports.com for Extang Tonneau covers, you'll find many different models for a variety of cars, so make sure you select the model this is right for you. We know you’ll be happy with the investment.