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Gibson Marine Stainless Steel Performance Mufflers

California SAE J2005 Compliance Certificate Included.

Don't get Busted! Turn down the sound not the HORSEPOWER. With sound laws becoming an apparent issue on waterways all over the U.S. it leaves the doors wide open. Gibson Performance a leader in aftermarket exhaust systems has introduced a line of Marine Mufflers developed for performance boaters that are designed to reduce sound levels to be within the J2005 Sound Ordinance Law, without compromising power.

he Gibson Bullet Marine Muffler Silencers have proven to reduce decibel ranges within and to surpass the 88 db limits required by the California SAE J2005 Motorboat Sound Law without compromising power. The Gibson Bullet mufflers are manufactured from highly polished T304 stainless steel and are designed with Gibsonís patented clampless system for hassle free bolt-on installation. Power Tip Marine Mufflers are also available with OE style thru-transom mounts to provide the factory look without the factory sound.

Tested up to 1,200 HP with minimal or no power loss1
Polished Stainless Steel
Straight through design
Designed and flow tested to ensure maximum flow
Limited Warranty