-Race Into Summer!-
- Race into Summer!
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If you find a lower price at another retailer, in many cases we will match that price. Any price matching will be at the discretion of New Level management and the requirements are as follows: Comparisons will be made on an identical items "out the door" price, which is what the total amount you would pay would be either at New Level, or at the other retailer. For example, if we sell an item for $100.00 with free shipping, and another company was selling the same item for $95.00 and $10.00 shipping, they would actually be $5.00 more expensive than us. The total you would pay there would be $105.00, while it would only be $100.00 with us. Also, the company must be an authorized dealer of the product(buying from unauthorized dealers usually voids any warranty on the product).

Beware many of our competitors who have "handling fees" or other gimmicks to inflate the price of their item. Their great deal often times isn't great at all when you compare "out the door" prices. New Level does not charge any handling fees and shipping is free anywhere in the Continental USA on orders over $100. Always check the "Rebates" section (above) to see if we have any promotions going for your item that may make out out the door price lower as well.

We cannot in any case waive sales tax if you are in California because that would be a violation of state law. If you live outside of California, you won't pay sales tax to us when you shop.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 866-639-5385 or email us at: