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Heatshield Armor Pipe Kit (2' Length, Fits 2.5" Diameter Pipe) by Heatshield Products

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Heatshield Armor Pipe Kit (2' Length, Fits 2.5" Diameter Pipe) by Heatshield Products

Exhaust pipe heat shield will reduce radiant up to 70% of heat radiating upward from your pipe. This reduces the heat into your vehicles interior and surrounding components, while also increasing power and the efficiency of the exhaust system. Heatshield Armor Pipe Kit can also be painted to color match the vehicle, engine, or engine bay any high-temperature engine paint or exhaust paint will work.

We have premade our popular exhaust heat shield insulation into these pre-made kits. They install in a fraction of the time with no itch and no fuss. Simply bend around the exhaust pipes and fasten down with the Stealth Anchor system. We take all the calculation and guess work, the warranty friendly breather gap is built in. After the kit is installed, the exhaust pipe can still “breathe” and not exceed its maximum rated temperature.

Using our BioCool insulation withstands 1,800 degrees F direct heat and 2,200 degrees intermittent heat. to secure the Heatshield Armor to the exhaust pipe. This exhaust insulation is also highly water resistant and has excellent durability for both on and off-road hazards. Heatshield Armor material can be trimmed easily for a custom fit for other lengths of exhaust pipe. Removal of the exhaust pipe may not be required for installation.

Heatshield Armor Pipe Kits also have a huge advantage of those “standoff” exhaust heat shields. The gap between the shield and pipe allow heat to escape and radiate upward. But directly insulating on the exhaust pipe these heat shields retain more heat in the system and give you better control of where the heat should go. High temperature levels inside an exhaust system can increase exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and exhaust gas velocity (EGV). Using Heatshield Armor Pipe Kit can result in higher EGV, pulling more spent exhaust gasses out of the engine’s cylinders before the exhaust valve closes, which can help produce more engine power.

The part number for this item is Heatshield 172252