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How Bad is Salt for your Car?

So how bad is salt for your carís exterior? Salt is inevitable in the winter if you live in areas that experience snowfall. But how much damage does road salt really do? How often should you get your car washed in the winter?

The more you wash your car and keep the salt off, the better itís going to be in the long run. When youíre caring for your car, the long run is the key. After all, salt doesnít show up as rust right awayóand salt doesnít cause rust in paint, it rusts metal. It has to go through the coating, the e-coating, the primer, and into the bare metal to have an effect on your vehicle. Itís not easy for salt to cause damage, but it can happen if you let it go long enough.

Salt can cause rust to build up on hidden parts of your car and slowly eat away at the metal. It can literally take years for rust to manifest itself on your carís exterior. Frequent washing can get to those hidden spots. In that temperature range from 5 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, youíll find that things can get messy.

Wax your car in the fall to provide a layer of protection if you live somewhere that gets sloppy and salty in the winter time.

Just take care to wash your car. After all, youíve already amped it up with many performance auto parts from New Level Motor Sports. Why risk it?