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K&N Cold Air Intakes: Horsepower You Can Feel

If you are the kind of person who loves to drive their truck down the open road, then you’ve come to the right place. We already know that you love the power that comes with operating such a rugged vehicle. We already know that you love to hear that engine purr as rolls down your street or through back roads. What’s not to love about your truck? A truck is a beautiful piece of equipment that not help you get from place to place, but besides that, it offers you the power that you need to tow, carry, or transport those more demanding loads to their destinations. Just take a look at moving to a new home. Have you ever tried to move without the help of a truck? It can be difficult to say the least.

But no matter what you are using your truck for, it’s important to remember that you want it to perform with the best possible horsepower. Horsepower is what separates your truck from other trucks. There’s just nothing like hearing that engine roaring to life as you press your foot down on the pedal. If you want to give your truck a much needed boost in horsepower, check out the K&N cold air intakes at NewLevelMotorSports.com. They may be just what your truck needs to go to the next level.

What are K&N Cold Air Intakes?

K&N cold air intakes are some of the very best in the industry. But you may be wondering what a cold air intake actually does. Good question.

When your engine is operating, it is constantly burning air during the combustion process. Combustion, as you know, is a basic component of all engines. Since a vehicle's engine is inherently hot, the air that is used in the process is also warm. However, that warm air is less condensed, so there is less to burn when your engine needs more power.

When you add K&N cold air intakes into the mix, they actually have a system that allows air to be drawn in from outside of the vehicle. The outside air is going to be colder than the air already inside the engine, even if it is a warm summer day. The cooler air gets, the more condensed it becomes, which means that there is literally more air to burn within the combustion process. When you can burn more air, you actually can feel your engine's horsepower increase while you drive.

If you want to give your vehicle horsepower it can feel, make sure to check out K&N cold air intakes at NewLevelMotorSports.com. We know they’re a must-have accessory for any truck owner.