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Muffler Armor Muffler Heat Shields by Heatshield Products

So you've got some heat issues that you think are just a little too critical for our standard exhaust wraps.. Worry no more! Heatshield Products has rolled out a new product called HP Muffler Armor. It's designed to be wrap right around your muffler and get the job done. Get ready to control heat in a big way.

HP Armor can easily be used on flat surfaces or wrapped around your mufflerIt is flexible and easy to cut to fit where you need it to be.

HP Armor can withstand 1800 F. continuous. It's easy to install because it's flexible and easy to cut. It has a protective outer armor shell that can be cleaned, too. Wrap this stuff around the exhaust system and Heatshield Products says it keeps the heat in, which creates a scavenging effect, allowing exhaust gases to flow out of the system faster. HP Muffler Armor is fastened using Thermal-Ties, which are included.

Thicker, more durable, and better at eliminating radiant heat than standard exhaust wraps, this product will get the job done!