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New Air Intake Systems for Ford F150 Raptor Trucks

New Air Intake Systems for Ford F150 Raptor TrucksWith the all new Ford F150 Raptor trucks fresh off the assembly line, we already can hardly keep up with the demand for Raptor Air Intake Systems. Even though the Raptors come standard with a 6.2-liter V8, rated at an impressive 411 hp and 434 lbs of torque, early reports from consumers are stating that the even more power can be unlocked from these impressive beasts by removing the restrictive factory air intake system.

Two companies, Volant and AFE (short for Advanced Flow Engineering) have already come to market with a solution to this problem.

AFE was the first to market with their Ford Raptor Kit. Part 75-11902-0V (available for sale below) is AFE's Ford Raptor Cold Air Intake Kit. The AFE Raptor Intake produces an impressive 18hp and 22 lbs. of torque according to dyno testing at the rear wheels. It outflows the factory intake on the F150 Raptor by 47% and is a bolt on modification requiring no additional parts to install.

Volant's Ford Raptor kit came to market shortly after the AFE Raptor Intake was released. The Volant part number is 19162 and it fits 2010-2011 Ford F150 Raptor 6.2 V8 Trucks. It is also in stock and available for purchase below. The main difference in the Volant system is that it features a sealed box enclosed design. Early testing on the Volant System shows an improvement at the rear wheels of 20hp and 20 lbs of torque on a 2010 Ford Raptor 6.2 V8, an impressive improvement.

We'll be sure to keep on top of additional modifications for this truck and keep you posted on what we come up with.

Either of these air intake systems are sure to bring your already powerful Ford F150 Raptor Truck to an even higher level. If you're looking to buy a Ford F150 Raptor Air Intake System, look no further. Click on one of the links below. Submitting an order is secure and only takes seconds.