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Nitrous and Your Vehicle: Part 1

Nitrous and Your Vehicle:  Part 1When it comes to adding extra power to your vehicle, even non-car guys will usually have two words floating around their heads: turbo and NOS. NOS, or nitrous oxide, sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Contrary to popular belief, NOS isn’t the chemical symbol for nitrous oxide. It’s actually the acronym for Nitrous Oxide Systems—the largest manufacturer of automotive nitrous oxide injection systems. The name has become synonymous with the gas, kind of like Band-Aid is synonymous with adhesive bandage, or Ramen is associated with instant noodles, or how making a photocopy of something is called Xerox-ing. Nitrous oxide’s chemical designator is N2O because there are two nitrogen atoms to one oxygen atom.

Using nitrous oxide to enhance engine performance dates back to World War II when N2O was used in fighter planes to compensate for less oxygen higher up in the atmosphere. One of the first uses in cars was by NASCAR racer Smokey Yunick who used it in his car to win races—until, that is, it was discovered and banned by NASCAR.

Nitrous oxide is color-less and non-flammable. Dentists use it as anesthetic for patients, and it’s known as laughing gas.

So many uses for such a simple chemical combination! You can find all you need to use nitrous oxide in your vehicle here at New Level Motorsports.