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Nology Hotwires Spark Plug Wires 1992-1998 Road King , Dresser

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Nology HotWires are the most technologically advanced ignition wires available. Nology HotWires are spark plug wires that create the most powerful spark possible thanks to a patented capacitor and grounding system that are incorporated into each spark plug wire. These are no ordinary plug wires. You will experience a more complete spark with Nology spark plug wires, resulting in increased horsepower. The increased fuel economy alone, due to the increased combustion, will pay for your new set of Nology wires over time!

The patented and revolutionary design Nology Hotwires feature allows energy from the ignition coil to accumulate in the Nology capacitor (inside the Nology Spark Plug Wire) until the voltage at the spark plug electrode reaches the ionization point. At that split second point the entire power of the stored spark is discharged at once, creating a spark 300 times more powerful. The result is faster, more complete combustion, and most importantly, more horsepower.

What's in it for you when you put Nology Hotwires Spark Plug Wires on your vehicle? Faster engine starts, smoother idle, increased fuel economy, increased acceleration, 2-5% increased horsepower, increased torque, higher rpm limits, and lower exhaust temperature and emissions! Nology Spark Plug Wires pay for themselves over time!

The part number for these Nology Hotwires Spark Plug Wires is 012-052-101-151 and it fits 1992-1998 Road King , Dresser models
Installing Nology Hotwires is extremely simple and you should be able to complete the installation yourself in a very short period of time.

Step 1:. Lay out your Nology hotwires in order of longest to shortest.

Step 2: Remove one spark plug wire from your vehicle. Compare it to the Nology Hotwires you have laid out and make sure the connectors are correct and find the Nology Hotwire closest to its length. Note that Nology often adds an inch or so to each of the wires to make them easier to route in the engine bay.

Step 4: Install the Nology Hotwire in place of the spark plug wire you just removed, trying to take the same path that the factory wire traveled. Be sure that you don't have the wire touching anything directly that is hot, such as the exhaust manifold. If you have any dialectric grease, a dab on the connections will make them come off much easier next time you need to inspect or change your spark plugs (the same goes for even regular spark plug wires). Dialectric grease is not required, but is recommended.

Step 5: Affix Nology Ground Strap to Vehicle: Coming off of each Nology Hotwire is a ground strap. You'll need to ground this. The easiest way is to usually remove one valve cover bolt, slide the ground wire connecter onto the bolt, and reinstall the bolt into the valve cover. You can ground to anything metal in the engine compartment, so if you don't want to ground to the valve cover, feel free to ground the wire wherever you would like that is within reach.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-4 for each remaining wire in your vehicle. We recommend removing the wires one at a time so you don't have to remember the firing order. Each wire has to be plugged into its correct port.

Installation should now be complete. Enjoy!