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S3 LED Headlight Bulbs by Oracle Lighting

S3 LED Headlight Bulbs by Oracle Lighting" title="S3 LED Headlight Bulbs by Oracle LightingS3 LED Headlight Bulbs by Oracle Lighting

Oracle S3 LED Headlight Bulbs are a great addition to your vehicle. Not only do they outperform standard halogen bulbs, they last longer, use a fraction of the power, and emit 3200 lumens cleaner brighter 6000k light.

The unique construction of Oracle LED Headlight bulbs allows for efficient heat dissipation. Each bulb will be cool to the touch even after hours of continuous use, unlike HID bulbs which can reach melting temperatures after long periods of operation.

At 3200 lumens per bulb and a 40,000 hour lifetime the LEDs are sure to live up to your demands. These are not some cheap no name LED! These bulbs feature an integrated driver and will not flicker or flash like many inferior competing products. Their 6000k color rating emits a cool white color