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HID Conversion Kits - HID Headlights by Oracle Lighting

HID Conversion Kits - HID Headlights by Oracle LightingOracle HID Conversion Kits are the perfect solution for your vehicle. You've probably seen HID lighting on another car before, such as the new Corvette, BMW, Mercedes, etc. and wished your headlights performed the same way. HID Headlights improve visibility and light output, and look great doing it.

That is what you probably knew, but here is what you probably did not know: Not all HID kits are created equal, or even close to it! Oracle HID Headlight kits are of the best quality. Don't be tricked into buying a no name HID kit from China that will burn out a ballast or bulb every few months. Oracle HID Conversion Kits feature a lifetime warranty.

Oracle HID Headlight Kits feature CAN-BUS ballasts with an industry leading ASIC Chip Controller (many generic kits have cheaper old analog technology), and true "Plug and Play" wiring harnesses. No figuring out which wires to cut and splice here! Think of these kits as "Smart Kits". They detect voltage to eliminate flickering issues most of the cheaper "Dumb Kits" encounter due to a cheap ballast. You'll also be able to quickly and easily return the vehicle to stock should you ever want to sell your vehicle and take your HID kit with you. Oracle ballasts are also completely waterproof. They are a breeze to install and the kit comes with complete instructions and all necessary parts. If you can change your regular headlights, you can install this HID Conversion kit by Oracle.