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PowerStep XL Electric Running Boards by AMP Research

PowerStep XL Electric Running Boards by AMP ResearchDesigned and built right here in the USA, the AMP Research PowerStep XL is the perfect solution for your lifted truck. Gone are the days when you or your passenger struggle to climb into your truck. The PowerStep XL drops 3 inches MORE than the standard AMP Research PowerStep for maximum assistance. Once installed, the PowerStep XL hides out of sight until you need it. When a door opens, the Power Step XL automatically extends(takes about 1 second to deploy), giving a rock-solid (600 lb weight capacity), safe and convenient step up into your truck that not only works hard, but looks great doing it. As soon as you close the door, the PowerStep XL automatically retracts just as quickly and smoothly, streamlining the vehicle profile with no loss of ground clearance. Sounds great, right? It gets even better. When the PowerStep XL deploys its integrated LED Lights illuminate, allowing you to see where you are stepping. The lights automatically deactivate as soon as the step retracts.

The AMP Research PowerStep XL has been extensively tested and proven to perform in severe driving conditions and is backed by a 5 year warranty. Its High strength, die-cast aluminum-alloy linkage arms, as well as its anodized and Teflon coated surfaces resist corrosion and are built to last.

Installation of this item takes an average of three hours. Step by step instructions are included, however if you aren't comfortable Installing your AMP Research XL Power Steps yourself, any truck customizing shop should be able to complete the installation for you. The PowerStep XL OBDII Plug and Play harness is included for easier installation and wiring.