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Removing a Spray In Bedliner

Here at New Level Motor Sports, we have the truck bed covers and tonneau covers you need to really get the most out of your truck. But what if you bought your truck used, and the previous owner used a spray in bedliner? How do you get rid of it? Spray in bedliners are designed to resist most chemicals and environmental factors, so they can be tough to remove. Itís possible, but sometimes itís best to have a professional look at it.

Use a heat gun to heat up the bedliner at the corners of the pickup bed. Once itís hot enough, you might be able to peel back the liner.

Pour Xylene, acetone, or other chemicals onto the bedliner and allow it to sit and soften. Be extremely careful when using these chemicalsótake care to be in a well ventilated area. Be sure to use a breathing mask.

You can also sandblast the pickup bed. Sandblasting can be extremely effective at removing metal finishes without damaging the underlying metal. Many local paint shops will handle media blasting your pickup bed.