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Step By Step Installation of a Streetglow Gold Series Undercar Neon Light Kit

Step By Step Installation of a Streetglow Gold Series Undercar Neon Light Kit" title="Step By Step Installation of a Streetglow Gold Series Undercar Neon Light KitNew Level Motorsports Mini Cooper Project: Underglow

General Info:

The Street Glow Gold Series undercar kit is by far the best on the market. Each kit comes with 2-51" bulbs for the sides, 2-30" bulbs for the front & rear, a powerful 9500 volt transformer, and all necessary mounting hardware. Each neon bulb is encapsulated in high impact lexan tubing to withstand the toughest road conditions and elements.

Street Glow is so confident about their product that they offer a no hassle lifetime warranty on the neon bulbs, even if they break! (this does not apply if the outer lexan tubing is broken).

Brand: StreetGlow

Install time: Two and a half hours.

Tools Needed: Drill, small drill bits (titanium preferred to drill through metal) zip ties, wire strippers, electrical tape, and wire connectors.

Price: $169.99 at New Level Motorsports Click Here to Buy

Misc: Available in Blue, Red, Green, Orange , Yellow, White, Purple, and Aqua

Install Directions / Notes: Time consuming, but not hard to do. Most people use a single kit, but you can hook in an extra 30 bar for extra glow (sold separately) or in our case we put two entire kits underneath the car. Before you do anything, check each of the bars very closely to make sure there are no cracks or breaks in them. One cracked bar will cause the entire kit not to work.

Determine where you want to mount the 4 bars by holding them in place under the car one at a time to make sure you have a good spot. Instead of using the screws and clamps, we use industrial strength zip ties, as it is a lot easier. The kit comes with self tapping screws and clamps if you want to use them.

Drill holes where needed (we recommend 3 ties for the front and rear bars and 4 for the side bars). Once the tubes are all zip tied or clamped in, run the wires carefully, so they won't get caught in the wheels or dangle, etc. Cut off any extra wire. The neon bars hook up in line. Twist wires for neon bars directly together, then seal and tape up (don't use solder or connectors) to hook the wires for the neons in line. All of the neons wire directly to each other, except for where you choose to put the transformer (which wires in between 2 of the bars).

Make sure that the metal backing for the transformer is grounded out. If there is no metal near where you want to mount it (we put it right under the hood so it wasn't an issue), just run a ground wire to the metal backing. Run the red wire of the transformer to your switch, which you can install wherever you want (we put it on our switch panel in this case and didn't use the supplied switch).

Then take the other two wires on your switch to positive and ground. You can run the positive directly to the battery, (recommended) or you can hook it up anywhere else where it will get a full 12 volts. The ground for the switch can be any metal on the vehicle near the switch.