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Strange Driving Laws: Part 1

Here at New Level Motor Sports, we offer the finest performance auto parts. So we like to keep ourselves up on the latest traffic laws, rules, and regulations—it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In our research, we found some pretty goofy driving laws across the country!

Here are a few of our favorites:

-In Sag Harbor, New York, it is advisable to ensure that you are wearing the outfit you intend upon wearing for the entire day when you leave your house. This is so advised because it is illegal to disrobe while you are in your car.

-If you are in Dunn, North Carolina you will find that it is illegal to drive through a cemetery, unless of course you are there to dig a grave or bury someone. Also in Dunn, it is against the law to drive your car on the sidewalks.

-Make sure that your vehicle can achieve maximum fuel efficiency in Youngstown, Ohio… because you can be fined for running out of gas.

-In Hilton Head, South Carolina, please remember that it is illegal to store trash inside your car or truck. (If you have a good tonneau cover, maybe nobody will be the wiser!)