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Truck Bed Extenders: Countless Advantages

Each time you hit the road with your truck, you’ll be able to discover more adventures with truck bed extenders. Truck bed extenders are practical accessories for any truck lover, and they offer so many advantages. No matter what type of loads you haul in the bed of your truck, you’ll surely see some benefits with a truck bed extender. We know just how great these accessories can be, so we’re going to share a few of their perks with you.

Extra space with truck bed extenders
We’re sure you know this, but truck bed extenders add extra space to the back of your pickup. Extenders, like those from AMP Research, provide extra space for hauling longer loads like pipes, pieces of wood, fishing rods, and ladders. With truck bed extenders, your vehicle also maintains its profile. If you need to carry loads that are just a bit to long for your pickup, you should consider one of our truck bed extenders.

Easy installation and removal
The truck bed extenders from AMP Research are manufactured from quality building materials, so you can rest assured that they’ll be able to keep up with you no matter what you need to do. Whether you choose the original Bed X-Tender from AMP Research or the innovative Moto X-Tender, you’ll get more out of your truck than you ever thought possible. Flip them up when you don’t need them, and flip them out when you need some extra room. These truck bed extenders work with you!

Truck bed extenders are functional
If you look at it from a design perspective, you’ll appreciate the value of adding one of our truck bed extenders by maximizing the space provided by an open tail gate. The extra square footage offered by one of these accessories gives you a safe place to store your cargo. So go ahead—haul that motorcycle, ATV, or huge load of plywood. Your truck will be able to do more from you when you install one of the truck bed extenders here at New Level Motor Sports.