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Volant Cold Air Intakes for Ford F250 and F350 and Excursion

Volant Cold Air Intakes for Ford F250 and F350 and ExcursionNot all intake systems are the same and savvy customers know which ones make more power than others. This is why Volant Cool Air Intakes are extremely popular with customers who know their intake systems. Why? Volant Cool Air Intakes take a different approach to making power. Volant seals a high-flow air filter in a specialized and dyno tuned power box. This process eliminates any chance of hot air from contaminating the intake charge to the engine and provides massive horsepower gains. Volant then replaces all of that restrictive piping all the way back to the throttle body with higher flow tubing that your mass air flow sensor will bolt right up to in a matter of minutes. Fast and easy horsepower and torque.