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Volant Replacement Air Filters (Oiled Type)

Volant Replacement Air Filters (Oiled Type)" title="Volant Replacement Air Filters (Oiled Type)Looking for a replacement filter for your Volant Cold Air Intake System?? Look no further!!

Volant's high performance 5 layer (4 cotton gauze / 1 Synthetic) air filters are made of the highest quality textiles, pleated between a top and bottom aluminum screen. Each Volant filter comes pre-oiled and ready for use. This design will allow the highest air flow rate possible and a very long filter life. We recommend cleaning the Volant air filter only when very dirty or 12,000 miles.

You'll want to select from the drop down menu which Volant Air filter you need, so we send you the correct Volant Replacement Air Filter.

Click one of the tabs above to review the application guide and determine which Volant Replacement Air Filter you need.

This item is intended to replace a filter in a Volant Air Intake System. These filters are NOT for Factory Air Intakes, only Volant Intakes.

Select which Volant filter you need below. If you are not sure which Volant Replacement Air Filter you need, consult our Volant Air Filter Replacement App Guide