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37" x 54" (2 Pieces) db Sniper Sound Deadener / Road Noise Barrier by Heatshield Products

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It aims, it shoots, and it kills sound! At only ¼” thick, db Sniper is the premier product to block road noise in your ride! db Sniper is a composite product engineered to block and reflect high-energy, low-frequency road noise, an airborne sound, across a wide frequency range of 200 MHz or lower. db Sniper consists of a closed cell neoprene foam layer that is bonded to a dense vinyl barrier.

The neoprene foam layer creates an “air-spring” that floats the dense layer of vinyl. This air-spring allows for the proprietary vinyl to reflect, or “return fire” of the high energy sound waves. It also prevents the same sound energy from passing through the dense layer; it creates a “floating sound shield”. The foam layer doesn’t absorb or filter sound; it is far too thin to absorb high-energy, low-frequency sound waves. Question and verify any company promoting a foam barrier in this way.

Use db Sniper on the floor pan, firewall, rear deck, rear panel of truck cab, and on the trunk/cargo area. Install by “aiming” the foam layer onto the vehicle’s surface (i.e. towards the sound source), and dense vinyl side facing up. db Sniper performs best when it can be used on flat panels, or panels with gentle curves and bends.

A common, huge misconception is that vibration-damping sheets are designed to block road noise, an airborne sound problem. Even though using dampening sheets can yield a reduction in the overall noise, it requires 4-6 layers of material to equal the performance of db Sniper. Not only would this increase the cost and installation time, it dramatically increases the amount of weight added to the vehicle. Why would you bog down your ride with unnecessary weight? Save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle by using a dedicated “floating” barrier material like db Sniper.

Stops road noise, equivalent to 4-6 layers of dampening sheet
“Sonic shield wall” reflects and stops sound waves
Thickness: 0.250"
Weight: 1lb sq ft
Manufactured from top quality materials, right here in the USA

The part number for this item is Heatshield Products 040022 and it contains 2 pieces of db Sniper. Each piece measures 37" x 54".