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Sound and Vibration Deadeners by Heatshield Products

Sound and Vibration Deadeners by Heatshield Products" title="Sound and Vibration Deadeners by Heatshield ProductsIf you're looking to kill vibration and noise, this is the product for you! db Suppressor is a technologically advanced sound insulator that offers superior damping performance at a reduced weight over competitorís products. It weighs 45% less than other products, yet possesses superior sonic energy loss capacity. db Suppressor assists in reducing automotive interior noise levels and improves performance from auto sound systems, by limiting panel resonance (vibration). db Suppressor uses sheer force to reduce or eliminate vibration. db Suppressor features a lightweight butylene layer that is bonded to a 4 mm black anodized aluminum sheet. The butylene layer is loaded with with a proprietary blend of ceramic micro-spheres which reduce the overall weight of the product and increase its resistance to heat.

Another unique feature of db Suppressor is that the aluminum layer is coated with a proprietary polyethylene. This polyethylene enables us to do 2 things: one, make a lighter weight product (with better than the leading brand energy loss) and two, protect the aluminum layer (thatís what does most of the dampening). Sure itís doesnít look shiny or pretty, we canít tattoo our logo all over it, but it makes a superior sound dampener!

The adhesive layer is very aggressive and the bond will actually improve over time. db Suppressor can be removed and re-installed easily. If you try re-installation with a competitive material, you will destroy the product while trying to remove it


Lightweight, weighs 24% less than leading dampener with superior dampening ability
Lightest weight material with the thickest aluminum layer currently available
Use sheer force to reduce or eliminate vibration
Can be removed and re-installed easily
Made in the USA